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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Patriot Games

There is one person that has as much clout as the Prophet of the Mormon Church, and that person is none other than Glenn Beck, the madman of the airwaves. If you live in Happy Valley he is the ultimate SUPER HERO!  Every one needs a Jack Bauer in their life, and Glenn is the one!  He follows the teaching of Cleon Skousen, who was steep into the rantings of the John Birch Society.  Skousen did not sit well with the Mormom Church's leadership. Skousen justified slavery and called slave children "pickanninies".  That was not good for the church, as at that time the blacks could not hold the priesthood.  Church President Spencer W. Kimball gave the priesthood to the blacks and told Skousen and his groupies to hit the road.  Skousen had formed the Freeman Institute and it was censored by the leadership of the Mormon Church.  Brother Beck has not quite caught the vision of it all and promotes Skousen's books, and writes forwards in some of them that have been best sellers on Amazon.

Beck was forced to leave Fox News, as his advertisers were dropping off like fleas from a dog. He called President Obama a racist.  He left Fox before he got fired.  He was not going to play the game anymore.....

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