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Sunday, July 27, 2014

I am not buying this one

In his new book, “The Lincoln Hypothesis”, Timothy Ballard (former CIA and DHS Abe-Lincoln-US-tyrantoperative)  tries to make one believe that Abraham Lincoln had a copy of the Book Of Mormon.

I guess the question about this book is "how does he know this and where did he get the information from?"

When I first heard the commercial for this book, and that it was published by Deseret Book, I had to make sure that what I heard was correct.  Seriously?  Deseret Book published a book about this?  Where is the information coming from?

The only thing that Abraham Lincoln had in common was that he knew Joseph and Hyrum, and he was a Master Freemason, like Joseph and Hyrum.  Brigham Young was not a fan of President Lincoln was not fond of the Mormons either.  He did not like polygamy.  

Decide what you may, but I am not buying this one......

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