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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

President Obama and the first BYU football game

Last Friday, Aug 29,  BYU had their first football game.  We were invited to watch the game and have a dinner at a friend's home.  There were five total couples.   One of the couples has been dating for ten years.  The woman did not make a peep and she looked totally miserable.  The guy struck me as creepy, as he bent down and talked to you about one inch away from your face.  I had never met this guy before and he made me feel really uncomfortable to say the least.  He was kid of clingy.

After we got there, I remarked to my husband that I wondered how long it would take for someone to bash President Obama.  I knew it would happen before the night was over, and I was right.  As soon as the game ended here it came:  "Why that Obama is the worst President we have ever had and he does not know wht he is going-- bah  bah bah.............................  Of course this comment went on and on by the guy who started it.  But wait!  There were four of us that are Democrats (gasp)!  So we all had to kind of set him straight.

Got to love living in Happy Valley!

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