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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Chickens? There is no law against having chickens!

I love living here in Happy Valley.  Some make their own rules that do not apply to them.  It is called "entitlement".  Take Sister Dough-Tara.  There is a law against having chickens in the city limits.  But that law does not apply to her.  She is a busy mom to fourteen children, and she has to juggle her part time job as a midwife.  She does not have time to shop, so she has her own chickens in her yard.  That way she can feed her hungry mouths without making unscheduled trips to the local market.  Chickens are not messy and they do not stink.  They do not attract bugs and insects.  They do not spread disease.  They don't get sick,and they are not noisy.  Therefore, Sister Dough-Tara has every right to have illegal chickens.  The neighbors do not mind either, as some of them have chickens as well, like the Bishop of the ward.  He has chickens to help feed the less fortunate members of the ward.  Why anyone can live on eggs alone.

The tale does not end here though.  Sister Dough-Tara had her chickens against the fence of the backdoor neighbor, who was not amused by the whole thing,  Sister Dobey kindly asked her to move her chickens somewhere else in her yard, as the mess was coming over in her yard.  Since Sister Dobey was not married in the temple, Sister Dough-Tara just kindly ignored her request.  In the next Fast and Testimony Meeting Sister Dough-Tara bore her testimony about how she had a testimony of the only true Church, and how much she loved her neighbors.

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