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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Utah and the Medicaid Expansion

Utah’s Catholic bishop: If you’re pro-life, you’re pro-Medicaid expansion
In a sharply worded editorial , the head of Utah’s 300,000 Catholics asked why in "a state that proudly proclaims its pro-life beliefs," political leaders are "frittering away" the chance to expand Medicaid.

This is because of the hatred for Obama.  This is because of our Utah Legislature and our Governor Herbert.   Basically this is a disgrace to the poor of Utah.  The LDS Church has not made any kind of statement on the issue either.  For a Church that is sympathetic to the poor, and even pay members doctor bills and has a storehouse of food, etc, one would think that they take a stand on the expansion

."Right now an opportunity to protect the dignity and sanctity of human life in Utah is being squandered by legislators who refuse to act in a morally responsible manner," the Rev. John C. Wester wrote in the Intermountain Catholic, a weekly newspaper published by the Salt Lake Diocese. "Utah cannot proclaim itself a pro-life state so long as it refuses to provide access to basic health care coverage to a significant portion of its citizens."

Wester said he was motivated to speak out after GOP legislative leaders this summer declared there would be no decision on Medicaid until 2015, well after November’s election.
This news came despite two years of studying the matter and public opinion polls showing overwhelming support for Utah Gov. Gary Herbert’s private-market alternative tapping public dollars to buy private coverage for 111,000 working poor and uninsured.----taken from the Salt Lake Tribune
Remember this when you go to the polls next time, and you have the opportunity to get rid of your current state representative.....

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